WordPress Introduction


WordPress started off as a blogging platform and has since evolved into a powerful Content Management System (CMS) platform. This platform is just the back-end management system that controls posts, pages, categories, etc. To make it go you need a hosting solution, themes, and plugins. Think of back-end as the cooking area of a restaurant and the front-end is the area that you order and interact with and eat in. Customers use the front-end and the company uses the back-end.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are what gives the website it’s look and feel. Think of WordPress as the skeleton that the theme (the flesh and stuff) hangs on and is guided by. For a long time most websites were rigged and were difficult to make work on multiple screen sizes. With the rise of mobile phones and tablets and their use of the internet, websites have had to change. The websites that are rigid can be browsed by zooming and panning around. Responsive themes have come about that allow you to change the windows size to any size you need and the content will scale with it. It utilizes good web design standards as well as technologies like JavaScript. Responsive themes are what you should be utilizing for a clean and powerful platform. See some here.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are what gives your website functionality. These plugins can give us more functionality on the back-end of the website where the admins do their work or on the front end where visitors get to see and play with those functions. Functions such as responsive video players, powerful conditional logic able forms, image galleries, booking calendars, etc. See some here.

To see more about it you can see WordPress’s About page or the Wikipedia entry about WordPress.

Why you should use WordPress

WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems to learn coupled with the most flexible and powerful system for website building and management. There are thousands of free plugins and the paid plugins are relatively cheap. Most are below $20. Most themes are around $45 and those are very clean and responsive themes. This website has a WordPress theme that was installed and edited withing a short span of time.

WordPress also is open source and you can edit all themes or plugins that you install. It is powerful, flexible, quick learning curve, cheap to work with, and you can put them up very quickly. This website aims at making that process easier than ever.

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