One affiliate account to rule them all is a great tool to use if you don’t want to sign up for a ton of different affiliate programs. It also allows you to get around Amazons affiliate program issues that deal with states they don’t want to deal with and they have paypal supported payments. Track your commissions, how well your links are doing, etc. Clean and awesome.

Linksert is a service that lets you create shortened links from existing product links on which you can earn a commission. You can share all shortened links anywhere (social media, e-mail, blog, website). Every time someone makes a purchase through your links, you earn a commission. Linksert is the proven way to make money on the social web.

When you want to sign up for an affiliate program you end up having to sign up for a ton of different sites and sometimes there are some huge hoops to jump through and it just is a huge pain to work out. Not with Linksert though. They have made it easy on everyone and signed up for those accounts themselves. You sign up for their sign and make one account. Then you are able to:

  • Use their WordPress plugin
  • Use their Chrome extension
  • Use their safari extension
  • Use the manual link converter

I am using the WordPress plugin so that any links on this site get converted to an affiliate link for my account. I don’t have to touch any links on this site to get that done. That is what is going to be paying the bills for this website.

Tired of spending hours creating, updating, and monitoring your affiliate links?

Organizing affiliate links is a grueling job: It takes a long time to create them (creating an account on each different individual online shop), update them (links change every now and then), not to mention creating each one manually. Wouldn’t you rather concentrate all your time and energy on adding content to your site and improving it for your users? Linksert takes care of every step of the unnecessarily annoying link affiliation process.

Plugin links (located on their website)

More info (located on their website)

So you can sign up and either; Enter any link or search for a product, copy the new link, track your results OR get one of the three powerful plugins. They plan on releasing forum plugins as well which will be fantastic for busy forum owners., it even looks nice.

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