Articles and Pages That Need Created

This is a list of articles that need written. When they have been written they will be removed from the list or linked to. If neither of these have been done, please notify us through the contact page.

  1. [Article] How to protect an idea
  2. [Article] How to think of an idea (completed)
  3. [Article] How to protect an idea when trying to get a web developer to design your product. This information should be applicable to APP and software development as well.
  4. [Page] Public Domain invention submission form & output page
  5. [Page] Classifieds of all hackspaces, cospaces, and workspaces. Organized by type of space and location of the space.
  6. [Page] Validated professionals for graphic design, engineering, website development, APP Development, Marketers, & Social Network Updaters.
  7. [Page] Free / Cheap Press release option for folks to use. A form input and listing page.
  8. [Page] Listing of privately run funding campaigns going on that utilize WordPress funding pages or other funding page technologies.
  9. [Page] Idea Space where free ideas are listed for people to utilize.
  10. [Article] Websites that offer up free ideas for development.
  11. [Article] Lower end startup cost business opportunities (mowing, car detailing, etc.)
  12. [Article] Glossary of terms that all entrepreneurs should know about. Separate them by internet and brick and mortar. Terms such as “affiliate links, URL, domain names, etc.” The basics.
  13. [Page/Form App] Create a form that will walk through the stages, options, etc. of creating a lean startup canvas by utilizing pre-configured options while allowing for new inputs. This will use extensive conditional logic.
  14. [Article] Volatility of certain business types. e.g. Restaurants, bars, etc.
  15. [Article] How to be a unique and different type of business
  16. [Article] Guerrilla marketing
  17. [Article] How to be passionate enough to work really hard but still not tip over the edge into ruining your life by working too much
  18. [Article] Common mistakes of websites and what plugins / themes you should have for your WordPress website to prevent those mistakes.

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