Directory, a cleaner craigslist type site (wordpress plugin)

“Directory” allows you to create a directory site like Craigslist but much cleaner. It also has seamless integration with the affiliate plugin.

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Directory turns your WordPress site into a fully-featured listings directory (ratings, reviews, payments and more…) that’ll work while you sleep.

Simple to install and easy to configure, all you need to do is decide what you want to create listings of, how much you want to charge (subscriptions included!) and which theme you want to use the plugin with – it comes with a nice simple default theme too.

Theme is optional as it comes with a really good theme already. If you don’t want to use the theme it came with and want to use it on your site you already have in place you can do that too with the shortcodes it provides. It embeds the elements with the shortcodes.

Elements (not conclusive list)

• List of all Directory categories – can also output as a grid!
• “View Listings” Button
• “Add Listings” Button
• Profile Button
• Signin Button
• Signup Button
• Logout Button

You can either buy the plugin for $19 like all the other plugins they have or or get all of their 350+ premium plugins in themes by signing up for a 1 month membership at $79 $39.50 (a time limited discount price) and download all of that stuff. That is honestly what I did because that is an amazing deal. Many people will stay on though because they have an awesome support team and members who will help you with issues you have. I personally didn’t have money at the time to do this so just did one month. You can get that membership here or just get the Pro Sites plugin here. More information on the plugin site as well.

We may end up using it sometime for one of our startups tool websites. We want to get the wiki up first though.

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