Pro Sites (wordpress plugin)

pro sites lets you create your own profitable blog or site hosting network, like or

Offer your users the chance to upgrade their sites and access features like premium themes, plugins, extra storage, domain mapping or removing advertising.

You can host a network of pro sites where people buy a membership to host their section. It is pretty powerful.

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Pro Sites allows you to create and charge for premium services such as:

• Advertising – Allows you to disable ads for a Pro Site level, or give a Pro Site level the ability to disable ads on a number of other sites.
• Bulk Upgrades – Allows you to sell Pro Site level upgrades in bulk packages.
• Limit BuddyPress Features – Allows you to limit BuddyPress group creation and messaging to users of a Pro Site.
• Limit Publishing – Allows you to only enable writing posts and/or pages for selected Pro Site levels.
• Pay to Blog – Allows you to completely disable a site both front end and back until paid.
• Post/Page Quotas – Allows you to limit the number of post types that can be published for selected Pro Site levels.
• Premium Plugins – Allows you to create plugin packages only available to selected Pro Site levels.
• Premium Themes – Allows you to give access to selected themes to a Pro Site level.
• Premium Support – Allows you to provide a premium direct to email support page for selected Pro Site levels.
• Upload Quota – Allows you to give additional upload space to Pro Sites.
• Restrict XML-RPC – Allows you to only enable XML-RPC and Atom Publishing for selected Pro Site levels.
• Unfiltered HTML – Allows you provide the “unfiltered_html” permission to specific user types for selected Pro Site levels.

It also allows has an affiliate program built in you can utilize.There is a ton more features you can see on the plugin page here.

You can either buy the plugin for $19 like all the other plugins they have or or get all of their 350+ premium plugins in themes by signing up for a 1 month membership at $79 $39.50 (a time limited discount price) and download all of that stuff. That is honestly what I did because that is an amazing deal. Many people will stay on though because they have an awesome support team and members who will help you with issues you have. I personally didn’t have money at the time to do this so just did one month. You can get that membership here or just get the Pro Sites plugin here.

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