Types of Websites

Types of Websites

There used to be very few types of websites. Now there are many different types.(Wikipedia) There are 3 main groups of websites.

  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Business to Business
  • Blackhat

There is one that I will not add below because it doesn’t fit:

  • Elite Website: These type of websites that do very unique from the rest of the businesses online. Kickstarter was one such website before other platforms joined them and became classified as a “funding” website. Parallax would have also fit this category at one point in time. Most types are considered this type until others start coming into that market-space.

The below will be organized as such. Please select a type to see a definition, platforms you can utilize to set them up, ways to monetize them, ways to get traffic to them, etc.

  • Auction (e.g. Ebay)
  • Blog
  • Search Engine
  • E-Commerce
  • Parallax¬† (e.g. Wedding Invite)
  • Funding (e.g. Kickstarter)
  • Education (e.g. Codecademy)
  • Classifieds
  • Collaborative Consumption (e.g. AirBnb)
  • Social Networks
  • Theme / Plugin repositories
  • Elite Websites (One off Websites)
  • Affiliate
  • Archive site
  • Affiliate Agency
  • Auction (e.g. Ebay)
  • Blog
  • Blog (web log)
  • Brand building site
  • Celebrity website
  • Classified Ads site
  • Classifieds
  • Click-to-donate site
  • Community site
  • Content site
  • Corporate website
  • Dating website
  • E-Commerce
  • Education (e.g. Codecademy)
  • Forum website
  • Funding (e.g. Kickstarter)
  • Gallery Website
  • Gambling website
  • Gaming website
  • Government Site
  • Gripe site
  • Humor site
  • Information site
  • Media sharing site
  • Microblog site
  • Mirror site
  • News site
  • Parallax¬† (e.g. Wedding Invite)
  • Personal website
  • Portfolio
  • Photographer
  • Political site
  • Porn site
  • Question and Answer (Q&A) Site
  • Rating site
  • Religious site
  • Review site
  • School site
  • Scraper site
  • Search Engine
  • Search engine site
  • Shock site
  • Showcase site
  • Social bookmarking site
  • Social networking site
  • Social Networks
  • Theme / Plugin repositories
  • Web Application
  • Web portal
  • Webmail
  • Wiki site

Some B2C sites can be utilized for B2B utilization.

Accordion 3 content.

  • Attack site
  • p2p/Torrents website
  • Phishing site
  • Warez

Most websites are not actually all that different. For instance, auction sites are actually an e-commerce type website.

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