Idea Farms

Idea Farms

Idea farms, idea resource pool, etc. refer to a concept of generating an idea list that people want to see developed and produced for consumer usage. Some scrape any article that mentions certain keywords in Twitter. Some are in forum boards. We will be listing them all here. Please contact us to add an item to this page.

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  1. How to Validate an Idea | The Great Startup WikiThe Great Startup Wiki

    […] You could just try it anyways but who are you going to market to if nobody bit with any of the other methods? You will probably end up burning a ton of time and money doing that. The point of validating an idea is to give you an idea of how you are going to market and who to and how many people will actually bite. If you couldn’t validate the idea, don’t worry, there are millions of other good ideas. Or you could reuse an idea that has worked for many other folks or try looking through an idea farm. […]

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