Elite Plugins You Should Have for WordPress

Elite Plugins You Should Have for WordPress

I call these elite plugins because they are some of the most awesome plugins that sometimes are not well known, some are well known, but they all have Apex predator level awesomeness. They all are excellent for their price range and all provide excellent results. Please note that plugins that are not sold generally will have their developers stop updating them. That is not always the case but it is the case often. Just be aware of that.

Creates Website Tours (cost $16) – JQuery Website Tour for WordPress

This plugin allows you to make a guided tour through a website be it one page or many pages. It will move to a bunch of pages if you need it to. It is very easy to use. It allows you to select elements on your screen and add them as a “slide” which just means it added that element as an item to be put into order. They call them slides because it relates to how PowerPoint works. You can edit the text blurb that is connected to the item you had selected. You can put the blurb on any side of the element. It is very handy. You can set it up to autoplay or just move to the next item with a next button. It is very flexible in how it works.

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to guide your visitors through different features of your website? We have now made it easy for you to create a “Tour” of any part of your website!

This plugin allows you to create multiple tours on your website with jQuery. This can be very useful if you want to explain your users the features of your website in an interactive way. You can create tours that are spanning over multiple pages and link tours together. Easily add your tour slides with our “point-and-click-interface”.

If you have our Pages by User Role plugin you can choose which User Roles that can view each of the Website Tours you create. Choose between 6 different color schemes for your tours.


Add Easy Contextual Help to WordPress Admin Area ($12) – Easy Contextual Help for WordPress

Are you a WordPress developer or a Web Designer who uses WordPress to develop websites for your clients?

Have you ever wished that there was an easy way to add your own help to each menu or plugin in the built-in Administration Panel in WordPress? Look no further, with Easy Contextual Help for WordPress you can now improve support for your clients by providing contextual help for your menus.

The plugin automatically recognizes each installed plugin and makes it easy for you to add help. This used to be a tedious or rather complicated process to add help to each menu or plugin, but those times are over when you have Easy Contextual Help for WordPress.


SMS Verification Gateway ($14) – WP SMS Verification

This WordPress plugin allows site owners to create restricted contents in any part of the site for registered users or visitors. Users will be promted to enter their mobile numbers, an SMS will be sent to that mobile number containing a code. After entering the code in the site, user can view the content.

Also you can manually verify a user from the admin panel and see which user is verified or not. You can also integrate this service with your existing or new codes/services very easily with our custom function.


Hot or Not Contest Holder ($12) – Showdown (Hot or Not WordPress Plugin)

This plugin will allow you to hold hot or not style contests on your website. This is good if you want to just do the content choosing yourself but not always. There are different modes to this plugin. This plugin can help boost your traffic by huge margins. See what they say about it:

Did we mention the Make Money part?

The plugin also allows you to link out your images, so you can choose to link them out to products or services with your affiliate link. Whenever someone clicks that link and buys your referred product or service you get a commission!*

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, get a slice of the pie with ShowDown Plugin. The angle of fun and competition in this plugin gives your visitor a unique experience which could lead to many opportunities at monetizing your site!



ADDON (User Submit) – You will probably want to get the addon for it that allows users to submit content. It is called User Submit and it costs $15 for a single site license or $45 for a 3-5 site license. Get User Submit Here. Without the addon it just pulls the information that the website you are running already has in it.

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