Why Formats Matter

Why Formats Matter

What do I mean by that? I mean that the way you setup your business and what methodology you use to accomplish it matters. Let’s just get into some examples.

  • Store that allows people to play games and sells just a few games VS A game store that primarily sells games and allows people to play games in a smaller or more secondary area
  • An information database site that uses a blog vs a wiki.
  • A company that gives information out as a primary and sells eBooks as a secondary VS a company that sells a service or product and gives away information on their blog as a secondary function.

What is your Primary and what is your Secondary?

It matters what is your primary and what is your secondary. It relates very specifically to the audience you are attempting to market to. It also matters what the product or information is for what format to display it in.

Our Website for Example

This website is designed to be a wiki because the information goes out of date and fluxes quite a bit. There are many topics to cover but not one a day but instead all at once by the means of the knowledge base format. In a blog you have a chronological streaming format where you may get 2 or 3 or more blog posts about the same exact type of information but with tiny variations. This isn’t helpful at all. Many times the information gets outdated in those top ten plugins or services lists. Within 1 week on this website with less than 100 posts, information has already changed. Some websites have went out and 404ed on us. This is why we have a link-checker in place. It helps us stay up to date whereas a blog will not. It will post new and exciting information. It will have biases, etc.

Some subjects are excellent on blogs but when it comes to storing data and important information in a category driven environment, you need a wiki.

More Specifically, Why This Wiki Format?

Why this wiki format instead of a Wikipedia.org type of wiki format? Because we want people to see the information on their phones, on their tablets, on their PCs in a responsive format way. We want to use the powerful technologies we talk about. We want people to access the information by categories instead of having to hunt around and use the search button like on you would have to on Wikipedia.org. We could have used a Wikipedia.org format, but this format we are using is much better for us. Maybe it wouldn’t be for other information but this is good for us.

You and Your Audience

When it comes to how to format your company, you need to understand your clientele as well as the marketplace for both your primary and secondary parts of the company. They must compliment each other but both be valid enough to use. You will need to weigh the options to decide if setup 1 or setup 2 works better. Setup 1 will have one thing as primary whereas Setup 2 will have the exact opposite setup. Decide which one works best for you and your audience you are marketing to. Remember that you matter less than the market because without the market, you don’t make money. Don’t screw yourself over but also don’t expect the market to do something that it won’t be doing.

Format matters. Figure out what works best in your situation. This mainly means that you figure out the best business model out of all the options you have. Consider many models and pick the best out of them for you and your audience. We chose to have this specific wiki format while using affiliate links to drive our profits to keep things moving. We want to be able to provide an awesome place for entrepreneurs but without ads or membership fees or a secondary consultation business. Sometime we may end up adding a consultation business but it isn’t necessary. It would be an add on or a sister company. Got to watch out for that scope creep though.

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