Inventing, Designing, Manufacturing, and Buy and Sell All with this Website

Get Your Idea Made Here or Help Someone Make Their Idea then Sell

This elite website is being named as such because it allows designers and thinkers to meet up and create and then the end result is that you can sell. Learn more about it on their about page.

You may have had the following questions before:

  • Where can I get my invention made?
  • I have an idea but can someone design it for me?
  • I have awesome CAD skills and some spare time and would like to make money from it. How can I do that?
  • I want to buy awesome new inventions easily. Where could I do that?
  • I want to sell my awesome invention somewhere. I have no idea how to do that. How can I do that?

MakerPair answers all those questions simply by saying, use our platform.


You can take part in any of the following; Buy stuff from people, Invent the idea, Design the product with CAD skills for a share of possible profits, Make the products with you spare laser cutter or what not, Sell items in the MakerPair storefront.

Try it here: MakerPair

If someone would like to make an explainer video for this, that would be swell. I am thinking with Powtoon.

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