Startups Quick Resource Guide

Quick Startup Resource Guide to Services

  1. Startup Communities and Resources: /r/entrepreneur and /r/startups and Hacker New (ycombinator) and
  2. Web Platform:  WordPress that installs on a hosting solution otherwise you don’t get to use plugins. (a CMS aka Content Management System)
  3. Hosting Solution (more info): Bluehost and AWS
  4. WordPress Plugins (more info): (try to get responsive plugins) CodeCanyon and WordPress and WMPU DEV and HotScripts
  5. WordPress Themes (more info): (try to get responsive themes) ThemeForest and WPMU DEV and WooThemes and Elegant Themes
  6. Dev Work (more info):  Elance and Glowtouch and Matchist
  7. Photo Editor: Gimp (install) and Pixlr Editor
  8. Screencast Explainer Video App (more info): Screecast-O-Matic
  9. Screen Recorder (more info): Screenr and Bandicam (install)
  10. Animated Explainer Video Maker (more info): PowToon
  11. Usability Checklist: Page about it
  12. Usability Testing (more info): /r/design_critiques and BetaPunch
  13. Inspirational Video Series: Ted Talks and Talks at Google and InkTalks and RSA and 99U and TedXTalks
  14. Learn how to Program (more info): CodeCademy
  15. Learning Courses (more info): Khan Academy
  16. WordPress Help (more info): /r/wordpress and WordPress forums
  17. Computer Building (more info): PC Part Picker
  18. T-Shirts Printers: SpreadShirt and Platts Printing
  19. Product Sourcing and Supplier Discovery (more info): ThomasNet
  20. Custom Goods (more info): CafePress
  21. Custom Etched Glassware (more info): RagePrints
  22. Affiliate Link Manager (more info):
  23. Screensharing App: Team Viewer (install)

Things You Should Learn About

  • Social Media Management
  • Business Insurance
  • Monetization Methods
  • Regular Advertisement Methods and Guerrilla Advertisement Methods
  • How to Design Things and the Purpose of It
  • How to be Different in a Good Way
  • Getting and using a legal business name aka Operating under a fictitious name
  • Business License
  • EIN number aka Tax Number

Full How to Start a Business Guide

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