How to Find Ideas

Finding Ideas

  • Solve something that bugs you – An easy way to come up with a good idea is to keep an eye out for the things that get in your way or you think could be improved and always be thinking about how those things could be improved. At the store, in the bathroom, at work, in the car, etc. Anything that is annoying or seen as not as good as it could be is an opportunity for you to look into. After a while this becomes a habit and you will be innovating multiple times a day.
  • Solve the bane of a business owner – Another good way to find an idea is to go to different businesses and ask to meet with them and ask them what they do and what challenges they face and what they would like to see improved or done. Then keep a list of this information and end up solving a problem. There is always something to innovate and if you could solve business folks business that would be awesome for them. Offer to take them to lunch and pick their brain about their business they run.
  • Ask friends – Ask friends if they have any ideas or what bugs them that they would like to see fixed. Ask them nicely and make sure they know you are just asking so you can figure out a cool business to start, not because you want to fix their life. Nobody wants to feel like you are trying to fix your life and they will tend to assume you are when asking this type of question.
  • Idea Farms – There has been an explosion in creativity in the last years but the ability to do anything about them is lagging so there are some large databases that dispense ideas that people have thought of. Some of the ideas are really good too. Refer to our “Idea Farms” article.

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