How to Think of Ideas

Thinking of Ideas

Many people want to do business with their skills but fail to proceed because they don’t have an idea. Thinking up an idea is sometimes a silly process. You have to “brainstorm” some ideas. Let your mind just think up things and then another idea then another idea and eventually the stupid and goofy ideas will dissipate leaving you with more well rounded ideas. The way the well rounded ideas keep appearing is because we keep information stored in short term in a funny way. We will tangent off of recent idea sessions. Tangent ideas are excellent because they grow in numbers because you store an idea then build off of it at a later time. Not all ideas are great but if you keep going you will end up with more serious and better solutions. It is easiest to brainstorm with friend that has no bias in the success of your product or life.

  • This article written by Coastal Business Strategies that shows how to think up ideas very well.

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