How to Utilize an Idea

How to Utilize an Idea

You may say, “I have an idea. What do I do with it?” or have seen someone say that before. This will attempt to answer that question. If you have an idea you should have gone through the idea section to get here. If not start there: Ideas

To utilize an idea you will start a business but that is a huge step. Before doing that you need to create some sort of actual product. Sometimes your idea is actually produced during the business stage but not often. Prebuild something to work with.

Prebuild Examples

  • Product: Prototype
  • Website: Graphical Mockup
  • Service: Business model pitch
  • Book: Rough draft
  • Art: Portfolio of artwork done

What I mean by this is that you need something to show before you actually start trying to build hype for it. Have something put together. Don’t try to sell a flying plane before you even have a design for it or a prototype showing that the concept actually works. Many people get ahead of themselves and try to build a ton of hype or a selling platform before they even have a product.

Get the product ready then start selling the idea. This does not mean you have to get the entire project done, it just means you need to have hit a milestone that proves you can actually finish the product. If you want to sell a product you need to do the prerequisite steps of finding out if anyone wants it. If you want the product and selling it is just a secondary thing then OK, but if you are trying to make money off of it you need to do the prerequisite steps laid out named on the Ideas page such as validating the idea. Validating the idea is a huge important part.

After you have some kind of proto-build, even if that proto-build is just a business model plan of how your mowing service is going to work, then you can go into the business mode.

Now you can utilize the idea by starting the business planning stages.

Have you went through ALL the information listed on the ideas page?

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