How to Make a Website Quick Guide

Validate Your Skill Level

Are you currently a web programmer? If no, please do not attempt to become one to code your own dynamic website as security is a huge issue and it will take you years to catch up. It is not a reasonable effort to put forth if you want to keep your sanity, not burn your spare time, etc. Not saying you can’t learn it, or not to learn it, just saying it takes a lot of work and time that most entrepreneurs don’t have to use and in some cases waste. If you do want to learn it, learn it on the side but be aware the learning programming to the degree you need to for a very secure system will take you around 10,000 to become a professional at it. That is a lot of hours that you probably don’t have right now.

Focus on content instead of all the code. You will get a better product in the end.

You can learn how to do html and css within a few months but using a CMS system is much cleaner and easier and if you need something dynamic, you will probably need a developer.

You generally need to know at least php and mysql for dynamic websites unless you want to get into the confusing worlds of joomla and drupal. I hear decent things about Ruby on Rails though on par with php and mysql learning curve I think.

Want to Learn Web Programming Anyway?

Try [1] CodeCademy for interactive programming learning.

No Coding Skills Start Here

Get / Use the following:

Need Something More Dynamic?

You have a few options. This list goes from least expensive to most expensive. Just know that most things you want to do already have a plugin or theme designed for them for WordPress. There are however a lot of exceptions to that guideline and that is why you look at the following options.

  • Least Expensive end
  • Hire someone to develop a WordPress plugin to do that dynamic stuff (cheaper than second option)
  • Hire someone to build you a custom WordPress theme that has the functionality you need.
  • Hire someone to develop the site from the ground up.
  • Most expensive end

The reason why WordPress is mentioned a lot is because it is a CMS aka Content Management System which allows you to manage a ton of the pages and posts and various other aspects of the website. If a developer really needs to, they can modify the core parts of WordPress. Rarely will you need someone to build you a brand new website and honestly you really do want a CMS or you are going to have a hard time.

Some developers can be found here: Elance (freelancers), Matchist (freelancers), and Glowtouch (dev company vetted by Bluehost)

Things to remember with website development

  • Try to use a responsive website themes and plugins so that it can fit any screen size including tablets and phones.
  • Get familiar with what they call “sticky footer” so that your footers don’t end up halfway up the screen on low content pages. [19] Example and info.
  • Get familiar with the concept of having a fixed header as it will promote a lot of use of your website. [20] Example and info.
  • Design is important. You have ~2.6 seconds to capture their attention before they bounce. Read this book to learn about it: “[21] Don’t Make Me Think
  • Best colors to use for design and other design tricks (the best you are going to find): [22] Article and Video

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