Unique Value Proposition

Unique Value Proposition

What is unique value proposition?

The basic setup:

  • Headline. What is the end-benefit you’re offering, in 1 short sentence. Can mention the product and/or the customer. Attention grabber.
  • Sub-headline or a 2-3 sentence paragraph. A specific explanation of what you do/offer, for whom and why is it useful.
  • 3 bullet points. List the key benefits or features.
  • Visual. Images communicate much faster than words. Show the product, the hero shot or an image reinforcing your main message.

Source: http://conversionxl.com/value-proposition-examples-how-to-create


An example would be ours:

The Great Startup Wiki offers a game plan and the methods and resources to accomplish that game plan.

The Great Starup WIki offers guides and plans for different startup and business related tasks, quick guides for reference, and methods,resources and tools for those plans and guides. This information is available for use by entrepreneurs doing research, startups that are starting up, and established businesses trying to gain a better edge in their market. This is useful because all of the information is laid out in a nice plan and categorized and distributed by subjects rather than in a chronological order like blogs are so that information can be updated and perfected over time.

  • The information is about the three main business topics. Ideas, Hardware Startups, and Tech Startups which includes Web Startups and the information is pulled into one hub for use instead of being rehashed articles.
  • The platform is designed to be available on all screen sizes and have features that enable the best possible communication methods available, as well as being vastly ad free.
  • There will be many available tools as time goes on utilizing the best tools available.

This may not be a perfect “unique value proposition” but it is what we have so far.

This article does a great job at explaining it and how to get one.

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