What Problems are You Solving?

What Problems are You Solving?

What problems are you solving that your customers will get value from? This is very important to know because sometimes we have an idea and we are so sure that we are solving something for people. We need to know for sure. You can usually figure that out by validating the idea.

Watch this video for some insight into helping people with what they actually want help with.

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There have been theories that it is best to ask people what they want to figure out problems to solve instead of just trying to solve something you aren’t sure needs solving.

Another big problem is scope creep. We have this scope of a problem or a few problems that we intend to solve but as we develop our project our focus gets lost and the scope of the project creeps. Sometimes this is ok but not often. You must maintain focus on what problems you are actually trying to solve. Stay on track. This sometimes can get very problematic. Someone actually solved this problem of people having troubles staying on task for developing startups. It is called The Results Machine. It currently is buried in a selling page that we really don’t want to link to however but it appears to work out quite well.

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