Who is Your Target Audience?

Who is Your Target Audience?

Do you know who you are selling to? You need to figure this out so that you can figure out their habits and personalities enough to know how to effectively market to them, how much they can spend, and various other things. Think about what they are like. Can you still do your business?

Let’s say you have designed this awesome toy but the toy costs a ton of money. Do kids have a ton of money? Do the parents of the kids who would want this have a ton of money? Would they be willing to spend that money?

We can move onto design of the product even for that example and ask if the product is designed well enough for the kids age range. I commonly see toys that are designed for little kids that are too complex or designed in such a way that you know that kid is not going to play with it carefully enough to not break it.

You need to think about all sorts of things when it comes to your target market. Write out as much information about this market as you can.

Some Factors to Consider

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Where they hang out
  • How much money does that demographic have to spend
  • Attention span of the demographic
  • Aesthetics for that market

This video has a great example of a failed sell because of the failure to look at the target markets personality enough.

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