Solutions to Peoples Problems

Solutions to Peoples Problems

It may sound simple in how to solve someones problem but actually doing it and delivering it well is sometimes very frustrating. That is what most people call the execution of the idea.

Do the people actually need the problem solved?

You may think that is a dumb question, but many people have found that solving all the problems can be a very bad thing to attempt.

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Some issues when solving problems

  • The target audience can’t afford the solution
  • The target audience is difficult to get to part with their money
  • The target audience is hard to market to
  • People don’t think there is a solution so they don’t look for one
  • People know they are looking for a solution but they don’t know what to look for (e.g. explainer videos)

Communicating the Solution

Formatting of text is very important. This includes using minimal text to explain the most amount of information. This is what most will call an elegant statement or solution.

There are some pretty awesome concepts that have solved some very interesting problems but explaining them fast enough and effectively enough to keep the attention of someone has been difficult. Some good examples of this are TheBiggO and AirBnb and various other websites. They have solved this problem not by more text, but by implementing explainer videos.

These videos are engaging, fun, and explain things much faster and much more effectively than text ever could. Go check out our explainer videos post to learn more about this incredible tool. Some are very easy to put into practice. Check out the tools we recommend over there.

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