Delivery Channels

Delivery Channels

What methods or channels can you use to deliver your product or service? A lot of times people think big right away and overlook the cost effective methods that will actually allow them to achieve their dream. You want to start a lean startup to start with. You can always grow from there.

Some Methods

  • eCommerce storefront
  • Brick and mortar storefront
  • Phone sales
  • Door to door
  • Home delivery
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Digital downloads
  • Blog
  • SMS

There are a lot of delivery methods. Some want to ship in a box some want to ship in a crate. Some want to use a public company to ship and sometimes people want to use a private truck to ship things.

Choosing a Method

There are a lot of ways to deliver a product but it is a good idea to evaluate all of the channels and make sure they cost effective and efficient.

Some prefer to use Shoppify instead of running their own ecommerce website. It could depend on how much of profits is being eaten into by fees charged by whatever platform or various other factors. It may have to do with how much your customers trust you even.

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