Legal Issues

Legal Issues

There are a lot of various legal issues that go on with a business. Most are not too bad actually.

Getting Sued

If you are getting sued you should probably by now realize that you need business insurance. They generally take care of those issues.

Intellectual Property

If you are doing anything to do with the internet, you will want to get together with an intellectual property lawyer. If you are a development company of any kind you need to talk to an intellectual property lawyer. Anytime you are dealing with information you should probably be talking to an intellectual property lawyer. They deal with all types of information. The internet kind is very specific so you need to make sure the lawyer you are talking to feels comfortable with the work and has a track record doing that kind of work.

Some Topics of Interest

  • Photography – Audio – Video
  • Works that are in someones likeness
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • NDAs and business related secrecy stuff
  • Selling or licensing patents or intellectual information

Privacy Policies and Terms of Service

When you a run a website you will want a privacy policy to tell people how their information is being utilized and stored and such. You will want a terms of service aka TOS agreement as well to tell people what they are agreeing to by using your product. Some things include costs, liability issues, etc. Some good questions are posed here.

Some tools are available for automating this but it is a good idea to get a lawyer to look over it too.


Do you make deals with people? You will want a contract written up to make sure you are safe from your client and other issues that may arise. Do not skimp on this.

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