Marketing Methods

Marketing Methods

There are many different types of marketing methods. They all have different values and costs associated with them. Many types overlap as do many other business activities do. We will discuss some of the methods below. You should be aware of how to start a movement as well in order to utilize the advertisement methods effectively.

Derek Sivers: How to start a movement

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More Ted Talks here: Advertising | Marketing

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the best kind of marketing. It lends credibility because they are not biased with the success of your company or not. They are just telling people because they feel it is a good product or service. This is an organic marketing method.

Paid Advertisements

You can pay people to advertise for you, but that is going to cost you a lot of money. Some paid advertisements


  • Banner Ads

    • Banner ads can be purchased from some older websites, blogs, forums, etc. You can also buy ads on forums. Buying ads on forums are going to be the most cost effective methods.
  • Text Ads
    • Text ads can be purchased through an ad networks such as Facebook’s Ads or Google Adwords.
  • Affiliate Links
    • You can set up affiliate link programs pretty easy with WordPress and you only end up paying people when the user they referred buys something. You literally cannot lose with this method.
  • Press Releases
    • Press releases are fairly cheap compared to the amount of people they draw into a website.
  • Radio Ad
  • Billboard
  • Vehicle Wrap
  • Merchandise Giveaway: Give away bumper stickers, t-shirts, stickers or other branded merchandise

There are a lot of paid advertisement methods. You can find a larger list in the monetization methods article.

Free Advertisements

Free advertisements are methods of advertisement that don’t cost you anything. There are various methods such as social and guerrilla marketing methods.


  • Craigslist
  • News coverage
  • Interview
  • Blog coverage
  • YouTube Video
  • Merchandise Sold
    • People using branded merchandise they bought from you such as t-shirts, stickers, bumper stickers

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing has to be one of my favorite marketing methods. It is different which catches peoples attention as well as being free or low cost. The best of all the worlds. It is using different methods than the usual ones to inform people of a product or service. This could be something like a giant block of ice with a product frozen in the middle of it, a sign that makes you feel special or included in the advertisement, different advertisement styles such as Kinetic text or super casual graphics or wording, etc. Something that is different and out of place.

Example 1

A new restaurant is opening and they need people but they have no more budget to market with. They invite 20 hair dressers for a free meal. They know the hair dressers are going to talk to their clients all week long. When the grand opening rolls around, there are tons of people lined up ready to eat and they were all told by their hair dresser. The women of the family that go to the hair dresser go home and tells her family and the man of the family and the kids get convinced into going. They all go and have a good time. Then word of mouth spreads and they don’t have to advertise much. They did this for the low cost of 20 meals compared to how much they would have to spend otherwise for the same amount of traffic.

Example 2

Guy notices that people that picket get a lot of attention and even the news to report on it. So he hires a couple of high school students or college students to picket but with signs that promote the restaurant. This gets on the news because it is unique and fun. The news is a bonus and free advertising in addition to the powerful and different picket sign advertisement method.


Some great examples articles

Social Marketing

Social marketing is marketing through social channels.


  • See “Social Marketing
    • NOTE: It includes things such as Facebook, Twitter, conferences, YouTube, etc.

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