How to Market to Your Target Audience

How to Market to Your Target Audience

How can I market most effectively to my target audience? The first question of, who is my target audience, should be answered first. All audience groups are different. You want to pay attention to their qualities as well as the medium you are advertising with.

Major Factors

  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Interest group
  • Financial group
  • Social group

These Groupings Affect

  • What they will spend money on
  • Amount of money available to spend
  • How willing they are to spend money


  • A young boy who is interested in video games with rich parents. That boy probably can get his parents to buy some fancy video games. Without the rich parents the boy isn’t likely to have money to spend on fancy games.
  • A young girl who is interested in dance classes with poor parents. That girl would most likely get to do dance classes if her parents had the money.
  • A father who is interested in video games who is also decently well off wants to buy an arcade to put in his living room. That man most likely can get the game if he has the money but not if his wife’s disapproval sways his judgement.

There are a lot of factors that go into decision making. Try to think of the audience and how to fix those problems and market to them where they will be. Some people are on the internet while others are not. Younger folks are more on the internet than older folks so advertising mostly on the internet to older people isn’t going to be as effective as publishing ads to things they do look at or listen to. How many older folks listen to the young people music radio station? You wouldn’t advertise old people stuff on a young peoples radio station. You would advertise it on a station that has a lot of older folks.

You wouldn’t advertise a college student product in the news paper because most college students don’t read the news paper. You wouldn’t advertise an expensive product to college students as they don’t have the budget to spend on expensive things.

So you use the above factors to figure out if the target market can be advertised to.

Major Places to Advertise

  • Facebook targeted ads
  • Magazines that they read
  • Forums relevant to them
  • Blogs they visit
  • Websites they visit (sub-reddits even)

You target people where they will be looking for things. Forums are the best as they are 7 times more valuable than other ad spaces. They are actively looking in forums for information so the ads make more sense there.

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