How to Find an App Developer

How to Find an App Developer

Before you find a developer you should understand some concepts about apps and their development and figure out if you really need an app for what you are doing.

Do you Need an App

Read the article and find out.

Design Your App

Before attempting to build your app yourself, hiring a freelancer or a development firm, or bringing on a developer friend or partner, you should design out your idea. First validate it though. A lot of people forget that step. Go look up idea validation.

Now you can hire someone to design up a plan for you but that is just silly. You can make something bare bones by either sketching it on paper or by using Photoshop. Now there is an option that many folks fail to consider. PowerPoint is a great piece of software to mock things up in if you don’t have Photoshop and you don’t know how to draw and you don’t want to use MS Paint.

Do you want your app only on a tablet or is it meant for phones as well or possibly just for a phone? Figure out a size. Now pick the smallest device of the group you want it to fit on. If you choose a phone you can find a small smartphone and measure up the screen size. Then get a nice screenshot of the phone itself and make it your background that you will build on. Now you can figure out font sizes, color schemes, etc.

You can use mind mapping software to figure out what screens connect to what other screens. There is a free one called freemind.

Build it Yourself Options

  • Web Developers: If you know how to develop websites with HTML and CSS and such. You can use PhoneGap to develop an app.
  • Programmers: If you know how to program you can use BuzzTouch to develop an app.

Cost of Development

Apps cost quite a bit to have developed. From around $500 to around $250,000. You can have a website built cheaper than you can have an app built for. We could give you a few numbers but this article from Blue Cloud Solutions here tells a lot more than we probably could at the moment. You can click here to get their eBook about building apps, or you can sign up for their program and get the eBook yourself by going to the website and putting in your email address to sign up for their email program on the side.

Funding a Build

Because of the cost of developing your own app, you can sometimes get funding. There are some crowdfunding options for it. See the crowdfunding page for those options.

Finding a Developer

Finally we are talking about finding a developer. You can either hire a freelancer or you can hire a development company.

Freelancer Route

If you are going the freelancer route you will want someone that can develop very good code.

  • Look at the testimonials
  • Give them one page to design and code. Hire a few different developers and see which ones work out best for that tiny assignment. You then give them one more page. You never give them the entire project all at once. Make sure you have all the designs ready and the structure of the app ready. Beware of scope creep. Have a defined plan and stick with it unless you are not able to. Do not add in all kinds of new features all willy nilly.
  • Use a good freelance site.
  • Read “Finding a Good Freelancer

Development Company Route

  • Find a development firm with a good track record.

Development for Equity

Sometimes people think they can get someone on board for a project. That is going to not happen very often. It can, just not often.

Developers get asked to do this a lot and the app market is a volatile one that is a dangerous game to play in. They would rather be paid. Now there are some options but not many. They are hard to find however. They will be listed later on.

Some Developers We Know

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