Niche Website

Niche Website

Niche websites are pretty easy to do. They rely on the vigilant updates and research of a niche hobby or interest. You gather as much information together in one place as you can. You become an expert on this niche thing. It is hard to find enough good information on a niche hobby so once someone finds the authority and commanding expert of that niche field of interest, they are going to come there for the information. They come there so they don’t have to look at the tons of other websites that won’t give them as much helpful information.

Example 1

A good example of this is mushrooms. It is a niche interest but there are some very large websites that deal with mushrooms. They tell about the varieties, how to grow them, where to buy the supplies, everything. They are experts in their fields. Now you could search the internet and find this information fragmented all over but that isn’t as good as just two or three huge websites that know what they are talking about.

Example 2

Another good example is video game peripherals. You could list steering wheel and pedal systems for Xbox, PlayStation, computer, and various other platforms. Maybe you want to list some wearable video screen systems. You could list mod resources and tools and tutorials. The list goes on and on.

So if you have an interest and you know it very well and you know you can research what you don’t know, then you have a great chance at making some niche websites. It needs to be a laser focused topic.

Monetization Methods

  • Ebooks or real books
    • You package a whole bunch of information into a book. It can’t just be thrown together though. It has to be a real quality book. You sell these as a secondary operation to the main website. If you have enough information you can end up making multiple books. Let’s say you want one book to be about all the varieties of mushrooms. Then another book is how to grow most mushrooms. Then you have another book that tells how to grow the hard to grow mushrooms. Then you have another book that is about how to a mushroom farmer that sells and how the selling works.
  • Affiliate links
    • Pretty much every hobby requires you to buy something. There are always products attached to a hobby. So you find an affiliate management company like and see if the product you want to link to are in their network. Sometimes you have to sign up directly with the website you are linking to but this is sometimes worth it if they are someone you are linking to a lot with various products. With WordPress you can generally find a plugin that will automate the affiliate linking. Linksert for instance has this. Themeforests parent group has a couple plugins floating around that automates the affiliate linking as well called Envato Affiliate Cash. If you want to get real fancy with Envatos stuff you can use a plugin such as this one to create store like areas of your site with nice listings.
  • Deals with other websites to send traffic their way or talk about them
    • Sometimes companies will want to be talked about on your website. Maybe they want you to run a blog post talking about their product. Maybe they don’t want to go through affiliate links to pay you for sending them traffic, etc. You can sometimes make deals with websites or companies if you get them traffic in some way. This doesn’t happen too much though. You could however probably have paid for interviews. Maybe you sell interview spots on your website and interview one company a week. They talk about stuff and give value and also get to talk about their product or company with a link to them or something.
  • Banner ads

See monetization methods for possible methods

Marketing Methods

  • Social Media Management
  • YouTube video creation
    • Because the content is niche people will love watching videos about it and how to do things with it such as installations, putting things together, etc.
  • Guest blog posts
  • Standard SEO
  • Forums
    • Google the topic then the word forums. (e.g. mushroom forum) Pick the top ones and go find out how much it will cost to put a banner ad up in their forums. Forum visitors are 7 times more valuable than other website goers in terms of advertising because they are actually interested in the subject enough to go look for it in a forum and talk about it there.

See marketing methods for possible methods


Payment Methods

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