Small Business Ideas

Small Business Ideas

A lot of people ask about finding a good idea to start with. Some people have huge expectations and overlook the businesses with lower cost entry. To bootstrap a project you are going to need a low cost entry business.

There are so many people on this planet and so many things needing done that there isn’t an end to the work or opportunities. Some ideas are one offs that saturate the market fairly quick and then there are things that almost every town could handle. Some are cheap and some aren’t. Some are hard working type jobs while others are not so much. business

Low Investment Ideas

  • Niche website
  • Food truck
  • Car detailing
  • Street performer
  • Run a maid service (run it, not be one)
  • Run a lawn care business (run it, not be one)
  • Run a computer fixing service company (run it, not be one)
  • Freelance work
  • Explainer video production company (about explainer videos)
  • Build and sell WordPress themes (coding resources here)
  • Build and sell WordPress plugins (coding resources here)
  • Niche product eCommerce
  • Drop shipping company
  • Install electronics for people
  • Deliver products for people that don’t have a truck. (let’s say lumber or a couch) They call and you pick it up and deliver it.
  • Sell a service on
  • Junk hauling and recycling service
  • YouTube channel (become an expert on something, do reviews on products, etc. Be very focused with the intention. There are more details but yea…)
  • Website that does something neat
  • Delivery service (deliver things like McDonalds food, pop from the gas station, etc.)
  • Run a blog and sell an eBook on the side
  • Become an professional DJ
  • Vending Machines – Gumball to pop machines
  • Taxi service – conventional and unconventional
  • Consulting on something you are good at
  • Social media management

Medium Investment Ideas

  • Buy cars from car auctions and flip them
  • Food stand
  • Kiosk for E-Cigarettes in the mall
  • Moving company (think 2 men and a truck)

Heavy Investment Ideas

  • Flip houses
  • Gas station
  • Donut Shop
  • Franchise

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