Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Social marketing is marketing through social channels. There is a large variety of channels to look at. There are online methods and offline methods.

Some Offline Methods

  • Conferences
  • Meetup groups
  • Host a presentation

Some Online Methods

  • Social Networking websites
    • Facebook
    • Google +
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • MySpace (deprecated)
    • Friendster (deprecated)
  • Social Websites
    • YouTube
    • Reddit
    • StumbleUpon
    • Tumbler
    • Standard forums

You will read about some of them below.

Social Networking Websites

Choose a Social Network

Choose one network to start with. You can move to more networks later. Master one before doing the others.

  • If your product or service is formal or a dry subject pick LinkedIn
  • If your product or service is otherwise you can use Facebook. You can move to Google+ later on.

Setting Up

  1. Setup a Facebook page. Do not use your personal Facebook profile for social media marketing.
  2. Setup a Twitter account
  3. Tie your Facebook page to the twitter account by visiting so that Facebook posts get pushed to the Twitter account.

Page Guidelines

  • Use a clean header image. Keep it the same all time. You can change it to update the page but do this rarely so as to keep some stability feel to the page. Remember that there is a square blocking some of the image so design around this.
  • You are not allowed to use the header image for contest promotions or pricing promotions and such. Just use it as a header image and leave it at that. Make sure it isn’t distorted by stretching or whatever.
  • Use a good image for the profile image square thing. Make sure it isn’t distorted by stretching or whatever.

Posting Guidelines

  • Post on a regular frequency. This is how social media management companies work and it works very well. Post at least two times a week. You will be posting during the work week. Weekends people are busy or just don’t care enough to worry about it. Post Tuesday and Thursday. If you want to post three times a week you can post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You could post just once a week but not as effective as 3 times a week. It depends on how much content you have to post.
    • Schedule option 1: Tuesday and Thursday
    • Schedule option 2: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • Schedule option 3: Wednesday
  • Post with correct spelling and grammar
  • Post only images you have a license to post. This means you cannot grab images off a website and use it. You need to buy some stock photos. You can find some stock photography websites here.
  • Be civil and remember to use press relation skills when posting or responding to people.
    • If people are upset, try to resolve the issue in a civil manner without insulting people or telling people they are wrong. If you have to you can apologize for the inconvenience.
  • It is in your best interest to ignore people that ask to work with you or are pitching you an idea. It can cause a lot of problems. Approach at your own risk.
  • Be aware of the very strict contest rules and not to break them. If you break the rules you lose your account.

Read These Articles

Semi Social Networks


Marketing with YouTube is very similar to social media marketing on networks like Facebook in terms of posting frequency.

Posting Guidelines

  • Post on a regular frequency at the exact same time
    • Schedule option 1: Tuesday and Thursday
    • Schedule option 2: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • Schedule option 3: Wednesday
  • Make sure videos stay between 3-4.5 minutes. Too short and it doesn’t have enough value and over 5 minutes and people will bail almost immediately
  • Do not have uhs, ums, and other filler stuff
  • Don’t start videos with, “hey my name is bla bla bla with bla bla bla” in a long way. If you have to start with an intro make it short and sweet and move right into the meat of the video
  • End videos with who you are, where the website is, and any other pertinent information
  • Use explainer videos if you are trying to explain your product
  • Do not use music you are not allowed to use. If you break this rule you will get strikes and then your accounts will be removed. You want to become a partner, not get banned. Use stock video and music if you need to use either. Do not steal it.


More information will be put here at a later date. Use the search result for now. If you have information, please use the post advisor form at the bottom of the page.


Talking in forums and posting in them can generate leads. Forums users are 7 times more valuable than other website users in terms of conversions. Be careful however because you can easily get banned from most forums for marketing in the forums by throwing up a link to your site or pitching to people. Even sometimes putting the link in your signature space is still dangerous. Some sites allow it and some don’t. Look at the rules or ask for the rules. If you get banned that looks really bad against your product or service.

Best method is to advertise using their banner ads. Google search for forums for your target audience. Let’s say you are trying to market a video game product, you will go to market in video game forums. You would search for, “video game forum”. You use the subject plus the word forum. You don’t use plurals of things. Keep the search simple. Pick the top 5 forums and go find their banner ad pricing. Figure out what ones you can advertise in with your budget and with the amount of people in those forums. You probably will only need to market to the top 3 even though you looked at 5 forums. You will most likely get your monies worth.

Conferences or Presentations

When you can go somewhere and teach people things, they will know that you know what you are doing and can spread your business to folks that want to use that service or product. This is by far one of the strongest methods and is relatively free. Just offer your time and get a ton of valuable leads.

How do you find a place to do these conferences at? Ask colleges if you can pop in and teach them something. You could find conference halls or spaces and charge just a little bit in order to have that conference to teach people things. You can find conferences to speak at otherwise as well.

Helpful Articles


Advertise On

Are there any blogs that you could advertise on? Don’t spam the comments section ever. Try to do a guest post with them or find out the advertising costs for that blog. This is a difficult route.

Guest Blogging

You can become a guest blogger and write articles for folks and that notoriety can be linked back to your website or projects or what not.

Write One

You can write a blog about topics that relate to your product or service. Offer lots of value and don’t talk about your product or service all the time. Make it about giving high quality FREE content. This will draw in a ton of people but is a very time consuming project and is best done when you have a lot more resources to work with.

Some great examples are the WPMU blog and the grumo media blog.

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