Google Alerts for Customer Service and Marketing

Google Alerts for Customer Service and Marketing

Google Alerts is a Google service that will email you whenever it finds keywords either on the entire internet or within one specific website or even a part of a website. For instance you can use it to monitor keywords or phrases within a specific sub-reddit on Reddit.

Customer Service

You can setup the keywords to monitor for people having problems with your product or service so that you can go and help the person solve the problem. Companies that are large such as Microsoft and Apple can do this because they are huge companies that have a lot of resources.


Let’s say you have a very niche product and you want to market it to one specific sub-reddit on Reddit but want to remain relevant and not be spammy. You set it up to send you alerts when certain phrases or keywords are used and then you can go give some solutions which may or may not include your solution. Don’t do this just to Reddit though. Make sure you select various forums and other places that you have the ability to reply to. Twitter is a large one there have been numerous instances of people showing up to solve a problem or offer coupons for their problems.

Google Alerts

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