Business Bank Accounts

Business Bank Accounts

You will want to use a business bank account for your business to keep your business finances within the boundaries of the business. This will also make sure you don’t pierce the corporate veil if you use a corporation type business structure. Just get one.

Shopping for a Business Bank Account

  • You will want to use a bank in your area. You will want to be able to sit down and talk to the bankers that deal with your accounts.
  • Beware of the fees
  • Ask for what capabilities they have. For instance PNC is able to do payroll and various other things.
  • Do they have reward cards? They don’t have to but if they do you can do a lot of business work using it and gain a lot of airline miles or rewards of other types. Some people use the airlines miles for business travel whereas some people use the money they gain from their rewards to give as bonuses to their employees in the form of a visa gift card. This is not a necessary but just something to look for as a bonus and helping hand.

Banks with Good Business Bank Accounts

More banks need added as PNC isn’t the only viable solution

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