Business Information by State (USA)

State Sponsored Entrepreneur Guides

Many states have business information, starting a business information, and some even have full blown guides that walk you through steps that are relevant to their state. The list includes some information that the library of congresses list does not have. Many of the links we have listed are online portals to registration for different things in those states. For instance look at Illinois entrepreneur guide.

Be aware that each state has different procedures you need to follow if you are closing a business.

Other State and Government Related Services

State Resources

Note that the directory of Small Business Providers by State by the Library of Congress has different links than the list below. Use both this list as well as their list.

Things to add to each state

  1. Business Development Center
  2. Closing a business
  3. Property Search
  4. Unemployment Insurance sign up
  5. Permits / Licenses?
  6. Taxes
  7. One Stop Shops
  8. Doing business with [statename]

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