Find Mentors, Advisors, and Entrepreneur Pals in Person for FREE

Find Mentors, Advisors, and Entrepreneur Pals in Person for FREE

There are many places to find free mentors or advisors as well as entrepreneur pals in person for free. Not having these people in your life drives many to feel alone and confused and like they have to pay someone for business help. You can pay someone for business help but that is really expensive.

Friends and family tired of hearing your ideas and they have no idea what to tell you? Find a mentor or advisor and some entrepreneur pals. You also can find online places to talk about it.

Mentors and Advisors

Use this tool to find one of the many types of advisors you can find. 2 of the advisors will be super helpful and those are mentors and business advisors, which are mentors and Small Business Development partnered business advisors.. A mentor will be someone that can help you and is in that field usually and has a business past or may still be in business. A business advisor works doing consultancy work and advising the advisee in business strategies and methods and has resources and such.

Find a Mentor Locator Tool

  • Score is a huge organization focused on business help.
  • The small business development group partners with people in areas to do business advisor work. For instance Bradley University in Peoria IL has a place called “Next Innovation Center” and it is sponsored by SBA, Caterpillar, and Bradley University. People can make an appointment and go in to talk for free. These people know a lot of information and are very helpful.
  • Various groups – There are various groups that help out women, veterans, etc. as well as the previous two groups.

Other In Person Help

1) provides the ability to connect with like minded folks. You only pay to create a group, not join one. Well, some groups require a member fee but that isn’t protocol.

Search for:

Those topics well bring up groups all related to business type stuff. Some more business than others but they all revolve around professional stuff related to businesses. For instance in my area there is a startups group, business groups, WordPress group, professional web development group, etc. I go to them all for free.

2) SBA Events

Also try an event through SBA. You can find those events listed here.

Ideas and Methodology

Website and Design Critiques

If you need your website, business card, flyer, or anything else that is business related critiqued the good folks on Reddit can help you.

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