Ideas and No Skills

Ideas and No Skills

This is a very commonly seen issue. We need to address it. So here it goes.

Many entrepreneurs or other professionals will not be happy to hear you say you have an idea and no skills and that you want to tell them the idea and you want a product and money in return. You have to do some legwork. You just do.

Learning Programming

When it comes to programming you need to know that it takes a lot of time and dedication to learn programming. Programming also gets updated every couple years so once you know the language you are studying it goes and changes. So unless you want to be a developer you should probably work on your business skills, your idea, and hire a developer. It is a good idea however to understand some of the basics of programming so take some time to learn some of it. You can learn quite a bit for free over at CodeCademy. For other programming courses you can look at our giant list of courses.

Another note to make is that if you are doing dev work for mobile phone apps or for websites you are going to have an even rougher time. You don’t only have to keep up to date with the languages but also the browser capabilities and compatibilities with your code. IE and Firefox

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