Tips for Finding Developers

Tips for Finding Developers

From a developer’s perspective, here are some tips for making a post to find technical cofounders.

Elevator Pitch

Your post needs to include what market you’re targeting and a quick description of your idea. You don’t need to lay out your whole idea (but I might be more likely to reply if you do), but I want an idea of what you want to build and why your project is interesting enough for me to inquire. You’re competing for my attention against every other post, and everyone has limited time. Sell me on your idea, or I probably won’t contact you.


You better have a really, really good reason for an NDA, or I won’t sign it. If I already had a similar idea and sign your NDA but don’t work with you, I can’t pursue my idea without worrying about breach of NDA. Or, if someone else proposes a similar idea later on, I might not work with them to avoid breaching the NDA. What can I gain? Hearing your idea. There are hundreds of cofounders looking for devs; I’ll go talk to one of them. What do I have to lose? A lot.

There are reasons for signing NDAs, especially if it involves insider access to other companies/markets.


Up front, tell me how much time and capital investment you’re looking for, and what I get out of it. Are you paying cash, or shares? How much? (A ballpark is fine). How far along are you? Am I building this from the ground up or using someone else’s partially written project. If so, what is the project written in?


Everyone thinks they have a great idea. But if we are going to be successful, we both need to bring something to the table, so tell me what you’ve got! Have you had past successful businesses? Can you pay me real money in addition to/instead of shares? Do you have intimate knowledge of the niche? Any of these things can put you ahead in my mind. If I like you, I’ll give you my Github, my personal blog, and my real name so you can check up on me. I expect some transparency from you as well. A LinkedIn page would be a great place to start.

Someone said that finding a cofounder is like finding a spouse. If this is going to work, we need to be open, communicate, and trust each other, just like a relationship.

I don’t want to have to message each cofounder to get this info. And I won’t.

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