Brick and Mortar Businesses

Brick and Mortar Businesses

Brick and Mortar businesses are business that have a physical location other than home based business. These are restaurants, stores, industrial plants, office buildings, etc.

These businesses  come with a lot of issues.

The Building

Rent, lease, buy, or build?

Renting and leasing have things associated with that most people don’t know about. For instance if you lease a building it can be a 10 yr lease. Sometimes the property tax is included and sometimes youhave to pay it yourself. Sometimes there are modification restrictions, sometimes they will modify it for you as a condition of your lease, sometimes they will just allow you to do changes but won’t do it themselves. There are a lot of factors here.

Property Taxes

Sometimes you have to pay it and sometimes you don’t. It just depends if it was included in the lease or not. If you buy or build you will have to keep property taxes in mind.

Business Insurance

You will need business insurance to cover liabilities of people getting hurt, to cover thefts, property damage, etc.

Building Insurance

You will want insurance on the building and the contents of it in case of fire, etc.


You have to make sure you are zoned for all kinds of things. Have to make sure you can run that type of business where you want to run it, have to make sure fire code is good, etc.


You have to have all kinds of permits to do all sorts of different things. Food, build stuff, etc.

more information later…

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