Mobile Businesses

Mobile Business

Mobile business can be very good for someone just starting out. It means they don’t have to have a brick and mortar store but it also means they have a lot more sales ability than an on foot person does. They have a place for their wares. This could be a food truck, food stand, or kiosk, or any other mobile business.

Some Examples

Food Truck

Insurance is going to be interesting because it is a business and a vehicle. It may have to be ensured for both the vehicle part using vehicle insurance as well as the contents using business insurance. The truck gets different certifications and permits for different areas so if you travel with it out of a city or state you will have to make sure you are up to code when using it in the different locations. Taxes also may apply differently to this than other things. Business needs to be in place for if someone gets sick and sues you and other various issues. may want to be using an LLC as well for this protection.

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Food Stand

You may want to have insurance for the food stand in case it gets damaged, you will want to have business insurance in case someone gets sick from your food. May want to be using an LLC as well for this protection.

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You have fees to pay from the place the kiosk as at such as the mall. You would most likely have some tax situations, permit situations, etc. Business insurance would help against theft and such. You may have to rent the kiosk instead of buying it. Maybe you repair phones at your kiosk as a service instead of selling products. This would be a situation where you don’t have sales tax because you aren’t selling a product. This may vary in your area.

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Mobile Services

Some people have a business that travels in their truck. Perhaps they have a van that has racks of tools so that they can come repair your car where it broke down. Perhaps the truck has tools to fix up your car windshield. There are all sorts of things that can be done with a mobile business. Many people over look this but we have all seen them. There are some more common ones such as the contractor that comes to do carpentry or plumbing or electrician work, etc.

If you are doing contract work for people which you most likely will with a mobile service you will want to look into business insurance for your contents of the truck, the vehicle insurance, be bonded and licensed, get necessary permits, etc.

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These descriptions are very very bare bones and are meant to be a placeholder for future updates that full blown guides are added to and expanded to further pages.

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