Background Story…

So we were getting things ready for the website and didn’t get to actually blogging about it till now. We have a name, we have a website, we hosted it on Bluehost, and have been working 15 hour days for the last month or two now. Launch is Thursday 11, 2013. Why that day? Because research told us that would be a good day to launch. Not sure why that day but we are going with it.

Navigation Baby

The other day I had someone test the wiki for navigation as I was having issues figuring out how I wanted the thing to work. Yes it is a wiki but there are just so many categories. It is a lot easier than sifting through hundreds of articles without any category to go off of though. We don’t really like the standard search engine we have but don’t have enough to push for a different one right now. We would like to use Swiftype when we find some money laying around. It costs money to use their service so we will have to wait.

A brilliant Reddit user let me in on a search type. We have all seen it before. Faceted searching is used to filter through various categories of a subject. You filter down until the item has all of the tags you have selected applied to it. We use this on amazon when we click the price, the color, the company, etc. and all the other options we want in the product and we see it filter down to those products. Then we can go a step further and order by price or relevancy as another additional filter.

Colon Classification is an offline version of Faceted Classification designed by an Indian Librarian. (Wikipedia links in that sentence)

We plan to do this with our subjects but it is quite difficult to figure out what way to go with it. Do we want to organize by business facets first (e.g. legal, advertising, insurance, taxes) or do we want to start with the business types (e.g. Level 1 (e.g. Product and Services), Level 2 (e.g. Brick and Mortar, Mobile Business, cart / kiosk, etc.).

We will probably set it up so that you can view the wiki easiest and then use a faceted search widget for your in depth searching. It might be a while though. We are having some conflict issues. CSS mainly. We plan to use the “smart” version demoed on this site:


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