On Foot Business

On Foot Business

On foot can be such things as door to door, selling food by walking around at a Baseball game, flea markets, selling glow sticks at the fireworks.

There are some issues that go with this that people wouldn’t consider. For instance there are varying licenses or permits you have to get and the taxes for them are pretty interesting as well.

Some Example Situations

Door to Door

Some cities ban this, some homes or businesses have a sign saying you are not allowed to solicit there. Some cities want you to pay for a certain license or permit. So you need to check this out.

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Selling Food at a Baseball Game

There are permits you have to get to sell the food itself, peddle it, and most likely have to buy a vendor permit from the place the baseball game is being held.

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Flea Markets

Flea markets sometimes have onsite local officials gathering your taxes for their fare city. There can be permits and such as well for that specific area.

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Selling Glow Stick at the Fireworks

You probably need a peddler license and should pay taxes the sales as well.

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