Web Startups Specifics

Web Startups Specifics

So when you don’t meet your customers it is most likely an online only business which is a pure web startup. Web startups have a lot of specific situations that are required of them. If you are using online as an extension of your business you will have to deal with both the web startup aspects as well as one of the in person methods (e.g. brick and mortar, mobile, on foot).


  • IP (Intellectual Property) Law
    • Copyright law
      • Code of website
      • Pictures
      • Videos
      • Audio
  • Shipping
    • Interstate import / export rules
    • International import / export rules
  • Content of website
    • Adult & Child rules
      • Porn rules
        • specific data records and records on ages of people in videos or pictures
        • Entry access (e.g. Are you at least 18 yr old?)
      • Information disclosure (e.g. Social websites and the rules relating to minors using them)


There are all kinds of platforms to use for websites. The main ones are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, completely self built websites. This is a huge thing to get down.

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Business Insurance

Business insurance for websites is quite interesting.Things it can cover…

  • If hacked
    • Covers lost income because of the hack
    • Repairs to get it fixed
  • Server goes down
    • Lost wages
  • Get sued
    • Their lawyers take on the people who sue you

Just some examples. Every situation will be different with this. Talk to your independent insurance agent.

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Monetization Methods

There are a wide variety of monetization methods that just aren’t available for in person situations. Many of them are digital sales that can be duplicated easily and at no extra cost. This is a huge advantage over the tangible services such as someone mowing your lawn, developing a custom product, fixing your stuff, and manufacturing and selling products in storefronts.

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Advertising online is much different than in person. The attention span on the internet is very small.

  • You have ~2.6 seconds of attention when a user hits your landing page before they either stay or bounce.
  • Many ads on the sides of pages are ignored nowadays because people have trained themselves to ignore them. It is like selective hearing but for visuals.
  • There is a ridiculous amount of content on the internet to look at which means there is a lot of competition.

On this website there will be some articles saying advertising and some will say marketing. They will most likely be used interchangeably.

Advertisement for websites is generally done online but sometimes it is done on the TV, radio, or by the business as an extension of their offline business.

Startup Cost

Startup costs for websites has been drastically reduced. In theory web startups are cheap because they only require code and a place for that code to be executed. A web developer can produce a product for free on their own because they don’t have to pay themselves. The code is executed on a website hosting platform and those platforms are not that expensive. A shared hosting plan can run you about 10 bucks a month but can definitely go up from there is you choose to get a virtual private server.

Legal Structure

LLCs are good for website businesses because they are simple to get but cover you in case you get sued for something and in the online business world that can happen very easily. Some website owner can get upset about your website and sue you and drag out the court case for a long time even if you did nothing wrong. This is also why you should be getting business insurance for your website.

Permits and Licenses

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Misc. Resources

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more to come…

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