Open Letter To WordPress Blogs

Dear WordPress Blog owners,

I know there is a great scare across the land of yours right now. I wish to help with that. I plan to run this website for a very long time and would love to see the information you have put together live on for years to come and be updated and kept warm and safe.

My proposal is this. Before you decide to shut your doors, go to the Contact Us page we have and send us a very lovely message about your situation. We then can get together through private email channels or on Skype or whatever you would like and discuss the future of your website. If you really can’t hold out, and we wish you could because we love you, we will gladly bring all of your content into TheGreatStartupWiki fold and make it feel like family.

We may have to toss the entire website into a sub-domain for a while but the information will be kept safe. Of course we will strip the comments and other extraneous material out but the content of the posts will live on. The good news is that it will all stay young and perky because our website is designed to keep information up to date and not let the information fall away.

We understand it is hard to keep afloat but this website is here to stay. Even if it doesn’t make loads of cash it will stay. It is a monument to educating the future entrepreneurs of the USA, no, the world. We will someday go global, well we hope at least.

So if you are feeling scared, don’t be, send us a lovely message.


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