Phone App Startups

Phone App Startups

Some people have the idea that a phone app is something they can make and sell in a weekend. This can happen but so can being hit by lighting. About the same chances of success. It takes a lot of work and planning to execute one of these. They are much harder to get off the ground than a website is.

Phone App Specifics

Phone apps have some difficulties with many of the main business factors.

  • Distribution ability
  • Phone limitations
  • Monetization methods
    • Monetizing with ads is pretty hard on the internet and on the phone is much more difficult.
  • Funding

Distribution Problems

Distribution is difficult because most platforms require you to send the app through their storefront.

Phone Limitations

Even though there are a limited amount of OS platforms to work on, there are a ton of OS variations as well as hardware limitations of the phones.

Monetization Methods

  • Ads – People don’t like clicking the ads. You won’t make money here.
  • Selling the actual app – This is probably the most you will end up getting.
  • Selling inline features – This can be to make the app ad free, it could be to add a different module or plugin. Selling features is a huge way to make money. Sell new levels to games, etc.


Funding for these are difficult because they cost so much to make with little chance of success and the long lead time from conception to market. There are however some new crowdfunding platforms that are focused on this market. See the crowdfunding providers here.

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