About The Great Startup Wiki

The Great Startup Wiki provides entrepreneurs like you with an aesthetically pleasing environment where you can read the living content (updated over time) of relevant startup information vs filler articles, all while being able to go mobile at a moments notice cleanly.


  • Design – We use a responsive designed theme to ensure you can pull out your phone and find information or just read on your downtime.
  • No Annoying Ads – We don’t really like ads and we figure you don’t either. We are going to try to do our best to never harass you with annoying ads. It is so much easier to read without the distraction isn’t it?
  • Discovery – The information we provide entrepreneurs is organized in such a way to provide the easiest discovery of information. The information organizational methods will continue to be updated to provide the best ease of use to you.
  • Substantial Answers to FAQ – Many subjects that an entrepreneur will face are asked often in forums but are generally not answered, are insulted for their lack of knowledge, told to go figure it out themselves, or any other unhelpful type answer. Some answers are just not substantial enough. We solve this by answering those questions for you and helping direct you to a more substantial resource if we are unable to provide the same level of information.
  • Fixing the Information Fractures – Many times the problem information faces is being fractured all over the place. We are bringing it together. Even if we don’t write the content, we will link to something that is more substantial in order to pull all of the data to one place like a wiki should.
  • Relevancy AKA No Fluff – We provide you with information that is relevant such as “Monetization” vs “7 Reasons your Startup Sucks” or anything else that isn’t incredibly pertinent to a business or startup. This doesn’t mean we skip over niche information such as a plugin that does something incredibly unique, it means we don’t create fluff pieces when we are out of ideas. We make sure the information is useful and needed.
  • Dynamic Information – We provide dynamic information vs static information so that your problems that have variables can still be solved. An example of this is telling someone how to find¬† a permit for one location vs how to find that permit in any location.
    • Static Information – Some courthouses for instance will have different departments that take care of filing “Doing Business As” paperwork. So giving a specific department in one location doesn’t help much.
    • Dynamic Information – Giving information about definite pieces of information such as the guard at the door always being present and knowing where the county clerk is who always knows what department to do DBA paperwork in however is actually very helpful and a dynamic solution.

Full Guides

Substantial information and master level resources are nice to have so we are designing and providing guides for you and other entrepreneurs to use. We would like to provide multiple guides for entrepreneurs to use. This information generally isn’t given to people for free so we are doing that with most of our guides. Check out some of our guides…

  • How to Start a Business
  • Ultimate How to Build a WordPress Website Guide – currently being written
  • Entrepreneur Life Problems and Solutions – currently being written

Development Stack

Our development stack page contains vetted resources so that you can get on with your business and not have to deal with predatory companies. We list entrepreneur friendly services that are not outrageously priced. Things like hosting solutions, web developers, graphic artists, etc.

Founder Background

Short Version*

  • Inventing – 18 yrs
  • Invention Designed – 100s (not an exaggeration)
  • Inventions with working prototypes – 20+ (example: Pandorex Gamebox)
  • Entrepreneur Journey – 14yrs+
  • Entrepreneur Endeavors – 10+ (e.g. pocket knives, e-cigs)
  • Mechanical Engineering (as profession) – 5+years
  • Tutorial Writing – 4+ years
  • Computers – Since the 486 came out. Had a Tandy and dot matrix printer growing up
  • Entrepreneurial ventures: Candy, SMC, pocket knives, video games, ecigs, buddyplex, art competition, 2 wheel go kart, donuts, gamebox, etc.

*years last updated September 5th 2013

Long Version

Hello, I founded this website based on my passion for helping people and use my background in business, engineering, computers, and innovation to bring it to life. I know many people find these founder backgrounds or experience lists as arrogant and all about me me me. The thing is, I am with you on that. I personally don’t want to brag or show off so I hope you understand when I humbly present it for those that want to see it.

My grandfather, grandmother, and older brother have inspired me to do great and innovative things with a focus on being a good human being and being good to people.

My grandfather taught me the value of learning and being innovative and not worrying about what people thought and to just forge through the trial and error. He died a great man and his teachings will always be with me. My grandmother taught me to be kind yet confident enough to take anything on. She is the kindest and strongest old lady I know. My brother has gone through life rough yet came out the other side passionate and willing to overcome anything that stood in his way and do well in life. He has done more than we could ever have imagined. He continues to teach me from his experience.

So as you see I come from some innovative and smart family that has given me a great opportunity to learn an incredibly amount of things in a diverse array of subjects. My grandfather was a farmer, a pilot, an engineer, and more. My brother also is massively diverse and able to do all kinds of art in almost any medium you can fathom and program and do engineering work and wood working and anything he wills. This background has enabled me to learn a vast array of information and put it into practice and be able to teach others this information as well.

Since second grade and even before my mother claims the innovation and inventiveness came. I would take apart things and learn from it and create new and different creations. Even went as far as turning my sisters Barbie car into an RC car. Things only progressed from there to more inventions and creations. These things however needed funding. This fueled my entrepreneurial spirit into existence. I wanted to fund my projects so that I could sell them and build bigger and better things. Money was never really the final goal but the inventing was.

With money on my mind and an innovative mind to go with it, I started figuring out ways to start a business. Back then it was difficult as I still had to hunt around in books at the library since the internet was not that advanced or accessible. Nobody I knew had much knowledge on business but I forged ahead. So around 14 I was making some money with little ventures here and there. At one point I was able to sell things like pocket knives and finger cuffs and other neat security type items. Then there was a few other ventures. Then it happened.

I had an idea that I could build and people wanted to buy. A two wheeled go-kart. Isn’t that a motorcycle you say? No, it was a low riding vehicle that only used two wheels and was powered by a chainsaw engine. It was pretty low grade construction but it served it’s purpose by propelling me and my neighborhood pals into a happy summer afternoon.

I started getting a patent together. I then ran into issues with paying for the patent. This was around 14-16 years old. I went and got a job so I could fund it. I then realized I could try other avenues such as selling video games. I went through all of the permits and such but then the supplier stopped having a low enough minimum order to buy and the profit margin was too low.

Then in college things were rough in terms of money and food so I would buy biscuits and cook them in the deep fryer and cover them with sugar and sell them as donuts. This paid for a lot of my food and entertainment. I would also charge people to drive them long distances for gas plus my time.

I then had to stop my entrepreneurial journey…for the most part… I had to focus on my new life and getting a job so that I could survive. Even in those dark times I knew I wanted to get out of the grind and own my own life. I thought of a website that would have a massive audience that nobody has started working on yet. I worked and worked and worked on it. The programming proved to be very difficult. This then got put on hold for a few years.

My father then decides to take me to a business learning class sponsored by the university in my area. This got me in touch with my business advisor that has accelerated my business knowledge.

The good thing about my brother also is that he got me into computers when I was very young. So I have both passively learned about computers and programming from him as well as the many books that still sit on my shelves all these years later. Even though I do not know how to program a full program (other than in basic) I know the workings and concepts behind most of it enough that I can get by. Sometimes I will fix code but it just isn’t my forte. This technical ability has led me to be able to find ways of getting a website online be it the old geocities platform or webs.com platform or blogger or WordPress.

Being a mechanical engineer of 5+ years experience has also had it’s perks when it comes to the business world. Much of the business world is exposed in many engineering firms and so seeing the workings of it was quite easy to do. This look into how manufacturing works, contracts, contract labor, outsourcing, management structures, company relations, and many other helpful business related areas was extremely beneficial to my current business ability.

One of the main talents brought back from the mechanical engineering job is the tutorial creation abilities. I was able to create solid tutorials that helped hundreds and possibly thousands of employees as it became a corporate standard for training. I was also able to learn the new program in less than a year and have it featured in a world conference. This ability to learn quickly and organize information into a system that people can easily learn from has been a great tool in creating content and the wiki itself.

You may be asking what businesses have I succeeded at and are still around. Many successes are fleeting. Many hundreds of dollars were earned in high-school doing the odd entrepreneurial ventures. More currently however there is a product I designed that there are already orders for. I just have to get the blueprints refined and ready and the orders will be ready to take from those people.

This startup wiki was put on priority versus all the other startup ventures available in order to help my fellow entrepreneurs as many have helped me along the way. I wanted to provide a solid and easy to use platform that we can all build on with our expertise in a way that contains actual living content that gets updated and is relevant and without fluff or massively annoying ads. Something that people could use on the go even.

It is also much easier to focus on a startup if you aren’t sending out custom emails to people all the time with startup information. I can just point them to the article that was written for them.

This wiki is the culmination of a 15+ year entrepreneurial journey. I am learning a lot from all the content I read through and compile.

Under What Authority

Much of the information placed on this wiki is from my experience in my various projects I have endeavored on. Other information is gathered together by interviewing professionals in their area or putting together information from various reputable sources such as someone would do when writing a mid-term paper. The authority is not a masters degree in business or owning a multimillion dollar company or anything else fancy. The authority comes from experience and ability to gather and manipulate information into extremely complete works when compared to their counterparts.

Also the fact that there is a business advisor in the loop should give some assurance to the quality of information presented.

When we do not have the authority or ability to host content we will link to it. We are not afraid of people being linked outwards and off of our site. The purpose of the website is to help, not keep people captive and nickle and diming them into submission.

If any information can be proved without a doubt incorrect and there are sources to back up that information, then we actually advocate that information being presented to us through our contact form or through the post advisor on the page of the offending content. We want perfect information and we do not want a bias.

These are the reasons we feel that this website has credibility for it’s users. As always however, it is important that people pay attention and think for themselves, even if it is us talking to them.

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