Google Alerts for Customer Service and Marketing

Google Alerts for Customer Service and Marketing Google Alerts is a Google service that will email you whenever it finds keywords either on the entire internet or within one specific website or even a part of a website. For instance you can use it to monitor keywords or phrases within a specific sub-reddit on Reddit. Customer Service You can setup the keywords to monitor for people having problems with your product or service so that you can go and help the person solve the problem. Companies that are large such as Microsoft and Apple can do this because they are Read more

Social Marketing

Social Marketing Social Marketing Social marketing is marketing through social channels. There is a large variety of channels to look at. There are online methods and offline methods. Some Offline Methods Conferences Meetup groups Host a presentation Some Online Methods Social Networking websites Facebook Google + LinkedIn Twitter MySpace (deprecated) Friendster (deprecated) Social Websites YouTube Reddit StumbleUpon Tumbler Standard forums You will read about some of them below. Social Networking Websites Choose a Social Network Choose one network to start with. You can move to more networks later. Master one before doing the others. If your product or service is Read more

How to Market to Your Target Audience

How to Market to Your Target Audience How can I market most effectively to my target audience? The first question of, who is my target audience, should be answered first. All audience groups are different. You want to pay attention to their qualities as well as the medium you are advertising with. Major Factors Age group Gender Interest group Financial group Social group These Groupings Affect What they will spend money on Amount of money available to spend How willing they are to spend money Examples A young boy who is interested in video games with rich parents. That boy Read more

Marketing Methods

Marketing Methods There are many different types of marketing methods. They all have different values and costs associated with them. Many types overlap as do many other business activities do. We will discuss some of the methods below. You should be aware of how to start a movement as well in order to utilize the advertisement methods effectively. Derek Sivers: How to start a movement [ARVE_youtube id=”V74AxCqOTvg”] Some More Videos More Ted Talks here: Advertising | Marketing Word of Mouth Word of mouth is the best kind of marketing. It lends credibility because they are not biased with the success Read more

Who is Your Target Audience?

Who is Your Target Audience? Do you know who you are selling to? You need to figure this out so that you can figure out their habits and personalities enough to know how to effectively market to them, how much they can spend, and various other things. Think about what they are like. Can you still do your business? Let’s say you have designed this awesome toy but the toy costs a ton of money. Do kids have a ton of money? Do the parents of the kids who would want this have a ton of money? Would they be Read more

Internet Statistics Websites

Internet Statistics Websites There are some large places to check out information about statistics of different segments of the internet and the traffic they receive. This gives you a good idea what competitors are doing and such. – Gives you the traffic data, but also data on what the competition is doing and where they are doing it and where they are mentioned and other facts. It combines many of the following stat tools into one slick little tool. Google Keyword Tool: It tells you how many times people search keywords a month in the USA or globally and Read more

Stock Video

Stock Video There is such a thing as stock video. We will help you with that. Stock Video Resources GettyImages Video VideoHive Alamy Video [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Royalty Free Music for your Project

Royalty Free Music for your Project “Where do I get music for my project?”, you may ask, so we will help you with that. What is royalty free music though? It is music or audio that you purchase that you can use for various projects such as online videos, your music compilations, your video game you are making, etc. Check the licenses to be sure what you can use it for. It is like stock photos but instead of photos it is audio. Music and Audio Resources Audio Jungle Premium Beat GettyImages Music Note: A price grid needs created for Read more

Explainer Videos

What are Explainer Videos? Why should I use explainer videos? See for yourself in this short video: Studies done by Missouri University of Science and Technology show that you only have 2.6 seconds to make a good impression. Explainer videos grab and hold attention. A well produced explainer video is 400% more effective than talking head videos at communicating the product or service idea well. A well produced explainer video is 800% more effective text alone at communicating the product or service idea well. Customers who view an explainer video are 85% more likely to buy a product or service than Read more

Price Table Builders

Price Table Builders Most people have seen price tables before but didn’t realize that you can actually build them for your website fairly easily. There are a couple of options. You can build them with or without WordPress. I am a WordPress fan so that is what I end up going with. I will list both however. Try to find and use the responsive ones so that they will show up well on your mobile devices and tablets. See this SmashingMagazines article for design practices. Example image (Screenshot of Shutterstock price table.)   WordPress Price Table Builder Plugins Responsive Pricing Read more