Venture Capitalists

Venture Capitalists (VCs) Venture capitalists tend to be more hands on and infuse more money at various stages. They are more ruthless than angel investors and are generally not people you know but people that either seek you out or that you seek out. A lot of times the funds are not their own to invest. They are companies pretty much. (Better definition) Think of angel investors as angels that come to the rescue and are more friendly and think of VCs as sharks who come to feast and are not super friendly. They do not want to take on Read more

Funding a Business

Funding a Business Startups are the hardest to fund. You have no track record and no definite proof that your idea will work in the marketplace. There are a variety of methods to fund your project. Videos Methods Your Own Pocket Your own money is the best place to look for funding. It is most likely the way you are going to have to start. This means you have to start something small enough. This is known as bootstrapping. Most businesses start this way. Try it. Local Organizations Let’s say you are doing something that has to do with art. Read more

Angel Investors

Angel Investors What is an angel investor? An angel investor provides financial backing for startups and entrepreneurs. They are usually found through family and friends. The funds they provide can be just the one-time infusion of seed money or ongoing to help a company through rough patches. They invest their own money and buy equity. Sometimes around 50% or more. (Better definition) Think of angel investors as angels that come to the rescue and are more friendly and think of VCs as sharks who come to feast and are not super friendly. Look at this article about VCs vs Angel Read more

Crowdfunding Advice and Tactics

Crowdfunding Advice and Tactics There are so many different things to worry about. Video, the content, the methodology, payments, shipping the items you promised, and more. So here is some articles to help you figure out what to do. Crowdfunding Articles and Resources Crowdfundbuzz Crowdfundingplanning Kickstarter Marketing Campaigns Hacking Kickstarter: how to raise $100,000 in 10 Days, T. Ferriss 7 things I learned from a (unsuccessful) crowd-funding campaign, Z. Martin The dynamics of crowdfunding: determinants of success and failure, E. Mollick Why (some) Kickstarter campaigns fail, S. Godin Kickstarter white paper part 1, L. MoyerKickstarter white paper part 2, L. Read more

Crowdfunding Platforms and the Types

What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding was started primarily by in 2009. Crowdfunding is a method of funding projects by means of using huge crowds of people donating. This is done mainly by the internet and platforms designed to collect money. People have done crowdfunding for disaster relief but we will talk about it in a business related way. More about crowdfunding on Wikipedia. Legal limits to crowdfunding There have been laws setup to prevent solicitation of public funding for equity so these crowdfunding platforms get around it by offering an item of value in return for the different tiers of Read more

Run your own funding campaign

There are many funding campaign websites out there but this is a list of templates and plugins to do it yourself. WordPress Themes CrowdPress Fundify Campaingify GIG FundingPress CrowdFundingSite Mission (church oriented) Non-WordPress Theme backthis WordPress Plugins IgnitionDeck (comes with themes) Personal Fundraiser (free) Crowdfunding by Astoudify Fundraising by WPMUDEV [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Patreon – Funding one piece of content at a time

Patreon was designed by online musician, Jack Conte (his music channel), who felt it was important to be able to fund online artists one piece of content at a time. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]