Business Type

Software Startups

Software Startups Software is a crowded market but there are a lot of new technologies and things to do so software startups can still do well. Some startup specifics No information currently available. Want to donate something? [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Microelectronics Startup

Microelectronics Startup Microelectronics startups design things that use microelectronics (think circuit boards). The items can be things such as RC cars, cell phones, computer circuitry. Some startup specifics

Electronics Startups

Electronic Startups Electronic startups would be something like light fixture designs with different bulb types or styles.It could be a new kitchen appliance or it could be a new electric motor design or power tool, etc. When you start using microchips and other microelectronics, you would be using microelectronics. Some startup specifics No information available. Would you like to add some? [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Phone App Startups

Phone App Startups Some people have the idea that a phone app is something they can make and sell in a weekend. This can happen but so can being hit by lighting. About the same chances of success. It takes a lot of work and planning to execute one of these. They are much harder to get off the ground than a website is. Phone App Specifics Phone apps have some difficulties with many of the main business factors. Distribution ability Phone limitations Monetization methods Monetizing with ads is pretty hard on the internet and on the phone is much Read more

Finding a Good Freelancer

Finding a Good Freelancer This is a difficult task but there are some tactics you can take as well as websites to choose from. Tactics Read testimonials on the freelancers in the field of work you need done. Pay attention to these. Give projects to top candidates one page or feature at a time. This is to figure out how each one communicates, costs, quality of work, etc. This method sounds like it will cost you a lot but it will cost you much less than if you just go all in with one freelancer. This tactic has been talked Read more

Design a Computer in Minutes Easily with PC Part Picker Website

Design a Computer in Minutes Easily with PC Part Picker Website This website has no ads, will help you pick out your computer parts and all the parts will be compatible. It allows you to benchmark parts, compare vendors such as Newegg and Amazon, select multiple rating sets at a time, etc. Check it out here: [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Inventing, Designing, Manufacturing, and Buy and Sell All with this Website

Get Your Idea Made Here or Help Someone Make Their Idea then Sell This elite website is being named as such because it allows designers and thinkers to meet up and create and then the end result is that you can sell. Learn more about it on their about page. You may have had the following questions before: Where can I get my invention made? I have an idea but can someone design it for me? I have awesome CAD skills and some spare time and would like to make money from it. How can I do that? I want Read more

Stock Video

Stock Video There is such a thing as stock video. We will help you with that. Stock Video Resources GettyImages Video VideoHive Alamy Video [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Record your Screen for Free. A Web App

Record your Screen for Free without Downloading any Program using Screenr Screenr – This program allows you to start recording as soon as you hit their website. It records in HD and you can share it with folks right away. Great for all sorts of business stuff. Absolutely free for most things. You can record audio as well. You can white label this and stick it in your website as a tool if you need to. does this for their usability testing website.

Product Sourcing and Supplier Discovery

Product Sourcing and Supplier Discovery Finding a manufacturer for items is difficult. We aim to change that. If you are looking for web developers or other types of suppliers that are not hardware based, you will need to look in those other areas. Product Sourcing and Supplier Discovery Resources ThomasNet – Start here to find a supplier or product source. They are one of the leaders in the supplier discovery and product sourcing field. Alibaba – This is tricky because it is overseas. You may want to check out a course on how to use it… Custom Glassware Etching RagePrints Read more