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Types of Websites

Types of Websites There used to be very few types of websites. Now there are many different types.(Wikipedia) There are 3 main groups of websites. Business to Consumer (B2C) Business to Business Blackhat There is one that I will not add below because it doesn’t fit: Elite Website: These type of websites that do very unique from the rest of the businesses online. Kickstarter was one such website before other platforms joined them and became classified as a “funding” website. Parallax would have also fit this category at one point in time. Most types are considered this type until others Read more

Why Looks and Feelings Beat Function in Advertising

Why Looks and Feelings Beat Function in Advertising Function should be king when it comes to selling a product however we are human. Function matters but looks and feel matter a great deal and can make or break your product. This means your website, the actual products aesthetics, the commercials you make, etc. are very important to make look good. The products aesthetics isn’t as important as the advertising and website but still important. In life we deal with questions about if it is shallow to evaluate a woman or man on their looks. This could mean their clothing or Read more

3D Printing Services

There are a few big 3D printing services online. Here are some of the 3D printing resources available. ShapeWays – Shapeways is what I consider the best printing service online. They have a wide range of materials that you can print with. Plastics, metal, and rubber. Some very exotic metals even. Their precision is excellent as well. They seem to be the pioneer at the front of the pack. If you need something prototyped, I would go with them. There are other services however that may suit your specific needs better. Materials list Storefront [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Free 3D CAD Programs to design 3D items to be printed

Google Sketchup Google sketchup started as a Google thing and now has advanced into the professional arena. You can still get a free copy on here or on softonic here. Here is the direct link for download. The professional cost of $590 is much cheaper than other professional 3D CAD programs. Some professional licenses for things like ProE and NX run around $20k-$30k for a single license. Buy Sketchup Pro here ($590)   3DTin FREE & Online. This 3D CAD program runs in your browser and is free. It is produced by an Indian company. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Online CAD program

3DTin 3DTin is a one of a kind website that is an online CAD program that runs in your browser and is also free. You can use it instantly by going here: Demo Videos Tutorial Videos [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Where to Buy Hardware Supplies

Where to Buy Hardware Supplies AmazonSupply AmazonSupply is an Amazon website created to allow for ordering hardware supplies.   McMaster-Carr McMaster-Carr is one of the very large suppliers of hardware of all sorts. It is used by large manufacturers and engineers all over.   Grainger Industrial Supply Grainger Industrial Supply is one of the very large suppliers of hardware of all sorts. It is used by large manufacturers and engineers all over. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]