Tech Startups

Run your own funding campaign

There are many funding campaign websites out there but this is a list of templates and plugins to do it yourself. WordPress Themes CrowdPress Fundify Campaingify GIG FundingPress CrowdFundingSite Mission (church oriented) Non-WordPress Theme backthis WordPress Plugins IgnitionDeck (comes with themes) Personal Fundraiser (free) Crowdfunding by Astoudify Fundraising by WPMUDEV [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Startup Glossary

This has been created because there are some confusing terms out there. Here are some explanations to fill in those gaps. Note: Most Wikipedia articles will have excellent related content at the bottom of them. Make sure to look for them but do not get caught up too much as you need to stay focused in order to start your new business or keep the current one going. Business Plan Pitch Deck Lean Startup Lean Canvas VCs (Venture Capitalists) Venture Capital

Tech Startups

The main “Tech Startups” page has the main information about “Tech Startups”, visit it now. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Types of Websites

Types of Websites There used to be very few types of websites. Now there are many different types.(Wikipedia) There are 3 main groups of websites. Business to Consumer (B2C) Business to Business Blackhat There is one that I will not add below because it doesn’t fit: Elite Website: These type of websites that do very unique from the rest of the businesses online. Kickstarter was one such website before other platforms joined them and became classified as a “funding” website. Parallax would have also fit this category at one point in time. Most types are considered this type until others Read more