General Business

Finding a Cofounder

Finding a Cofounder Finding a cofounder can be difficult. I would recommend doing some networking before trying these other methods. Read: Why it is Important to be Social and Network with People Cofounder Finding Websites CofoundersLab Founder2be /r/cofounder Read some Articles Getting Off On The Right Foot: How To Find The Best Cofounder by Forbes 13 tips for finding a startup co-founder you can count on by GeekWire Greenhorn Guide for Finding a Co-Founder by Greenhorn Connect NOTE: If you are looking for a technical cofounder please read: Tips for Finding Developers See also: Search results for “find cofounder” in Read more

Brick and Mortar Businesses

Brick and Mortar Businesses Brick and Mortar businesses are business that have a physical location other than home based business. These are restaurants, stores, industrial plants, office buildings, etc. These businesses  come with a lot of issues. more information later… [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Home Based Businesses

Home Based Businesses Home based businesses are businesses that have a physical location but are located in someones home. These can be useful for web developers, writers, craft makers, and other folks who do work from home. Freelance work is tied to home based businesses even though some people prefer to work at a cafe. These kinds of businesses still require you to register for a physical location if you are doing businesses from home. There are permits and such associated with home based businesses. Now if you are doing freelance work that may be a little different but not Read more

Mobile Businesses

Mobile Business Mobile business can be very good for someone just starting out. It means they don’t have to have a brick and mortar store but it also means they have a lot more sales ability than an on foot person does. They have a place for their wares. This could be a food truck, food stand, or kiosk, or any other mobile business. Some Examples Food Truck Insurance is going to be interesting because it is a business and a vehicle. It may have to be ensured for both the vehicle part using vehicle insurance as well as the Read more

On Foot Business

On Foot Business On foot can be such things as door to door, selling food by walking around at a Baseball game, flea markets, selling glow sticks at the fireworks. There are some issues that go with this that people wouldn’t consider. For instance there are varying licenses or permits you have to get and the taxes for them are pretty interesting as well. Some Example Situations Door to Door Some cities ban this, some homes or businesses have a sign saying you are not allowed to solicit there. Some cities want you to pay for a certain license or Read more

Working Too Hard

Working Too Hard You would think that the words “working too hard” wouldn’t be something that could be true with an entrepreneur. It is however a huge issue that afflicts some entrepreneurs. Some Issues Loss of friends because you don’t have time for them Upset family because you don’t talk to them anymore Health issues Loss of spouse or life partner due to not having time for them anymore Upset children because you aren’t spending any time with them Health Issues Lack of sleep Severe nightmares about the work you are doing Stress. Stress can literally kill you. Not right Read more

Ideas and No Skills

Ideas and No Skills This is a very commonly seen issue. We need to address it. So here it goes. You need to learn some business skills from a business advisor. It is also good to get a mentor that has been in the business. See here for that information. You need to know something about devs. They don’t like working for no money or little tiny bits of money. The work is hard and they have a lot offers. See here for that information. You need to network a bit and find other people to work with. See here Read more

About Being an Entrepreneur

About Being an Entrepreneur Being an entrepreneur is a hard thing to do. There are so many issues to work through, solutions to discover, space to fight for, etc. To understand more about being an entrepreneur and to lower your apprehensions, look at this excellent article written about how an entrepreneur works. Becoming an Entrepreneur by Oliver Emberton, founder of Silktide Some Rules to Follow No excuses Bootstrap the projects Don’t start with a loan from the bank Be innovative Start off with a project you can actually bootstrap Stay focused and beware of scope creep Decide on yourself and Read more

Find Mentors, Advisors, and Entrepreneur Pals in Person for FREE

Find Mentors, Advisors, and Entrepreneur Pals in Person for FREE There are many places to find free mentors or advisors as well as entrepreneur pals in person for free. Not having these people in your life drives many to feel alone and confused and like they have to pay someone for business help. You can pay someone for business help but that is really expensive. Friends and family tired of hearing your ideas and they have no idea what to tell you? Find a mentor or advisor and some entrepreneur pals. You also can find online places to talk about Read more

Business Information by State (USA)

State Sponsored Entrepreneur Guides Many states have business information, starting a business information, and some even have full blown guides that walk you through steps that are relevant to their state. The list includes some information that the library of congresses list does not have. Many of the links we have listed are online portals to registration for different things in those states. For instance look at Illinois entrepreneur guide. Be aware that each state has different procedures you need to follow if you are closing a business. Other State and Government Related Services Directory of Small Business Providers by Read more