Naming Things

How to Name Your Business

How to Name Your Business Naming your business is difficult to do well. You probably will end up getting a website if you want people to find your service. That’s even if you are a lawyer or restaurant. You don’t have to, but it does generally increase sales and help people find out information about your company so they will go to you. See our domain naming article. Naming Your Business Video [ARVE_youtube id=”Ensj3QYZBsw”] Resources on Naming Your Business Google Search Result for: best business naming practices A Name for a Company (read this one) 10 Tips for Startups and Read more

Domain Names

How Do I Name My Website? This is a modified version of a conversation I had with a great person on It should sum up a great deal about how to pick a name. Original Message (identifying information changed) Hey there, My name’s Jimmy, and I am a recent marketing graduate from SIU who is looking to launch his own online company. I saw two separate posts by you mentioning you were great at brainstorming ideas and that you had a few domains available. My company would be focusing on providing web design and development, social media content, web Read more