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Get Your Idea Made Here or Help Someone Make Their Idea then Sell This elite website is being named as such because it allows designers and thinkers to meet up and create and then the end result is that you can sell. Learn more about it on their about page. You may have had the following questions before: Where can I get my invention made? I have an idea but can someone design it for me? I have awesome CAD skills and some spare time and would like to make money from it. How can I do that? I want Read more

Startup Glossary

This has been created because there are some confusing terms out there. Here are some explanations to fill in those gaps. Note: Most Wikipedia articles will have excellent related content at the bottom of them. Make sure to look for them but do not get caught up too much as you need to stay focused in order to start your new business or keep the current one going. Business Plan Pitch Deck Lean Startup Lean Canvas VCs (Venture Capitalists) Venture Capital


The main “Ideas” page has the main information about “Ideas”, visit it now. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Idea Farms

Idea Farms Idea farms, idea resource pool, etc. refer to a concept of generating an idea list that people want to see developed and produced for consumer usage. Some scrape any article that mentions certain keywords in Twitter. Some are in forum boards. We will be listing them all here. Please contact us to add an item to this page. Small Business Ideas by TheGreatStartupWiki Online Income Lab: Bright ideas from a professional that has interviewed 100s of other professionals for problems that need solving. Reddit Sub-Reddit: /r/shutupandbuildthis Half Bakery Overunity – Half Baked Reddit Search Result for: think of Read more