General Business

Your Pitch

Your Pitch We all must pitch our idea at one time or another. Some Terms and Methods Elevator Pitch Pitch Deck Lean Canvas There is a pitching expert and you can take his course here. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Customer Relationship Model

Customer Relationship Model Customer relationship model is sometimes referred to as customer relatioinship management (CRM). There are many CRM programs that allow you to do many of the CRM tasks in them. Read more about CRM here. [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

How to Find Health Insurance

How to Find Health Insurance You may be scared to run a business because you want them sweet sweet benefits and don’t know how you would get them without a nice career job. Sites that Generate Quotes EHealthInsurance Companies that Provide Benefits Kaiser Permanente Other Search results for health insurance in the entrepreneurial sub-reddits [psCode: PostAdvisorFormBlock]

Legal Issues

Legal Issues There are a lot of various legal issues that go on with a business. Most are not too bad actually. Getting Sued If you are getting sued you should probably by now realize that you need business insurance. They generally take care of those issues. Intellectual Property If you are doing anything to do with the internet, you will want to get together with an intellectual property lawyer. If you are a development company of any kind you need to talk to an intellectual property lawyer. Anytime you are dealing with information you should probably be talking to Read more

Marketing Methods

Marketing Methods There are many different types of marketing methods. They all have different values and costs associated with them. Many types overlap as do many other business activities do. We will discuss some of the methods below. You should be aware of how to start a movement as well in order to utilize the advertisement methods effectively. Derek Sivers: How to start a movement [ARVE_youtube id=”V74AxCqOTvg”] Some More Videos More Ted Talks here: Advertising | Marketing Word of Mouth Word of mouth is the best kind of marketing. It lends credibility because they are not biased with the success Read more

What is Your Unfair Advantage?

What is Your Unfair Advantage? Many ideas can be copied so how you execute the idea becomes important in having something that your competitors can’t do that very easy. Do you have code that is smaller? Is your format of your project easier to use? Can you deliver the product in an easier way? (e.g. Video store vs Netflix) It can be price, delivery method, customer support, etc. Some Unfair Advantages (non-exhaustive list) Can you deliver the product faster? Faster product development for services that offer product development (e.g. software or hardware design) Shipping methods (e.g. air shipping, dedicated shipping Read more

Key Metrics also known as KPI

Key Metrics also known as KPI What are key metrics? First lets understand metrics. Metrics is a value of measurement. This measurement can be on your companies growth or it can be social engagement growth or it can be how much profits have gone up and how much overhead has gone down or many other measurements. The word key means that it is a main measurement. A key thing to focus on. What metrics will you use to gauge your success or failure? You may just say that if you are making more money than you are losing but that Read more

Delivery Channels

Delivery Channels What methods or channels can you use to deliver your product or service? A lot of times people think big right away and overlook the cost effective methods that will actually allow them to achieve their dream. You want to start a lean startup to start with. You can always grow from there. Some Methods eCommerce storefront Brick and mortar storefront Phone sales Door to door Home delivery DVDs CDs Digital downloads Blog SMS There are a lot of delivery methods. Some want to ship in a box some want to ship in a crate. Some want to Read more

Solutions to Peoples Problems

Solutions to Peoples Problems It may sound simple in how to solve someones problem but actually doing it and delivering it well is sometimes very frustrating. That is what most people call the execution of the idea. Do the people actually need the problem solved? You may think that is a dumb question, but many people have found that solving all the problems can be a very bad thing to attempt. [ARVE_youtube id=”chXsLtHqfdM”] Some issues when solving problems The target audience can’t afford the solution The target audience is difficult to get to part with their money The target audience Read more

Business Insurance

Business Insurance We consulted our favorite business insurance agent and had him answer some questions about business insurances. Here are the questions and answers. Some questions and answers have been edited to fit better and some additional information may have been added to some parts. We have also had to add some new information as well. This is living content you know. How to Find Business Insurance You are looking for an independent insurance agent. When searching Google you will search for Independent Insurance Agent City State. (e.g. Peoria IL independent insurance agent) Do not use the word business inside Read more